Linii Mist - Amazing Pests Repellent

Water based

Special formulated with fragrance free ingredients

Allergy free formula

Enriched with Huon Pine extract, no allergenic

Long lasting

100ml Linii mist can sprayed up to 500 times

Multiple usage

Can spray on car seat/ carpet/ sofa/ curtains, etc.

Linii Mist dustmites repellent

The world's first Huon Pine dustmites repellent spray
  • The Linii Mist has the same effect as the Linii bag. A bottle of Linii Mist is 100ml and can spray over 500 times.
  • The use of Epsom salt as one of the raw materials can help improve the efficacy of Huon Pine tree oil extracts and increase the repellency of mosquitoes (you may spray directly on skin, each spray can last for 1 hour of protection, *for ages 1 and over only)
  • Linii Mist is rich in Huon Pine extract, so it can be sprayed on sofas, carpets, clothes, seat cushions, curtains, car seats, baby car seats, beds, fabrics and so on. Recommend to spray once every 1-2 days.
Made of natural ingredients, contains Huon Pine, Purified Water, 0.005 % Alcohol , Epsom Salts, Cedar Oil and Lemon Grass Oil. Long Lasting calming soothing and inviting, even suitabe for sensitive nose. It contains only 0.005% alcohol, which is necessary to maintain the ingredients active. This low dilution alcohol is safe for use on the skin, and it will evaporates quickly once we spray, 100% safe and harmless.
Linii Mist work best together with Linii Bag, use them together to get the very best result.

Dustmite allergy symptoms

Dustmites may cause the following allergic symptoms:
  1. Allergic rhinitis
  2. Asthma (especially baby)
  3. Eczema
  4. Skin irritation, itchiness
  5. stuffy nose, sneezing
  6. Conjunctivitis

Introduction of Huon Pine 1:33

Solved 3 years of nose allergy 0:26

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