TUV certified cockroach eliminator

Lab Certified

Certified by German SUD TUV as Food Grade

SGLS certification

Singapore premium green label product

Plant Extraction

Natural and organic plants extract

Safe for children

100% safe for adult, children and pets

Natural green products

RES is an absolutely safe and green product certified by Germany’s authoritative laboratory TUV SUD. It reached the highest rating of “food grade” and was completely non-toxic.

TUV SUD is one of the most rigorous laboratory in the world.

RES is not intended to be consumed yet it is a solution of natural plants extract generally regarded as safe for human consumption or get contact and is not harmful.

RES is made by combination of natural plant extracts, such as soy, palm, cassava, etc., processed through rigorous procedures in the Biotechnology Laboratory.

In addition, it also received the green label certification, which is the only and the most stringent requirement in Singapore, which confirmed that RES is a natural organic product that is harmless to the environment.

We also sent RES to the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Malaysia for study. The results of the study confirm that RES has a strong effect on the killing of cockroaches.

Fully safe roaches killer 1:06

How roaches react to RES 0:32

Natural blend of plants

Long-lasting roaches killing effect
Most of the cockroach killing products on the market are toxic, please be caution when using them because these poisons will be returned to us as cockroach move around. Especially if we have children at home, even need to pay more attention on it.
5 advantages of Roach-End-Spray:
1) Food Grade,  nature plant extracts
Made of natural plant extracts, non-toxic and 100% safety
2) One contacted to initiate roaches chain-kill
Chain killing effect, one by one infection, lead to whole nest extinction
3) One spray, lasting effect
The mortality rate in the 5 hours after contact was 99.9%
4) Non-toxic, household protection
Safe and non-toxic products for pregnant women, children and pets
5) Suitable for all places
Natural products, available in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room

Spray to protect

1) Spray Killing
Srapy directly on cockroach 2-3 times, it might suddenly stoned and move slower. This mean that the RES started to initiate chemical reaction in its body. Now you can either smash to kill it directly or let the cockroach return to its nest. It will die within 5 hours, and after the other cockroaches in the nest consumed the dead roach, it will cause chain killing effect and lead to whole nest extinction.
2 )Allure Killing
Use expired bread or food (please don’t waste precious food), it’s best to use sweet taste food. Spray a suitable amount of RES on top and place it in an area where cockroach often appears. They will bring RES into the body after eating and then die.
If you find cockroach in the storage room or in cupboard, we can make use of their habit which they can’t lack of water and withstand thirsty to kill them. Spray a small amount of RES in a small container (such as a plastic saucer/ dish ) in the storage room, cockroach will drink it and achieve a good kill effect.
3) Trap Killing
Spray the RES in places where it often appears, such as door sashes, wash basin drains, toilet drains, ditches, trash cans, etc. When cockroach get contact with RES, it kills them.

RES usage method

It is recommended to spray RES in the following places before going to bed every night:

  1. Wash basins
  2. Toilet and kitchen drain hole
  3. Washing machine drain hole
  4. Home sewer cover
  5. Trash cans or ditches outside the home

When cockroaches crawl through the RES sprayed surface, they will get contact with RES, lead to Trap Killing, then they carry the product back to nest and kill other cockroaches.

The method of Allure Killing is to spray RES on bread (use only expired, please don’t waste food) and put in the storage room where the place you see a lot of cockroach droppings, or spray RES in a small saucer / dish of about 0.5 cm heigh, luring cockroach to eat or drink them.

The method of Spray Killing is to spray directly on cockroach head or body, as cockroach unable to move backward, so spray at the direction in front of where cockroach is heading, generally it will be a successful spray.

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