Linii Bag - Best dustmites repellent

100% Pure Huon Pine

Made of 100% Pure Tasmanian Huon Pine (finely milled)


No chemical added during production process

Absolute safe

Harmless even if ate accidentally

Lasting effect

Will last around 18 months once in use

What is Linii made of?

This is a 3,500-years-old Huon Pine
Linii Tasmania is made with natural Huon Pine chips, which is absolutely safe and organic, strictly NO chemicals added.
No matter smell, touch or eat accidentally, Linii Tasmania is 100% SAFE and harmless for baby, pregnant women, adult and pets.
The smell of Linii is the scent of Tasmania rainforest, heavenly natural, relaxing and best for repelling dustmite, silverfish, flea and moth.

How Linii repel dustmites

Huon Pine has a naturally occurring oil which by using the principle of natural plant against insects (for example, mosquitoes are afraid of citronella) to repel silverfish, moths, fleas and dustmites, Huon Pine is a powerful repellent to them.

200 years ago, it has been used by Tasmanians as a natural material to repel harmful pests in house.

Note: Linii Tasmania cannot repel geckos, ants, cockroach and bed bug because this is not its main function.

Spray Linii Mist evenly on both hand and feet can provide protection against mosquitoes for 1 hour.

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How to use Linii on bed

This is the instruction about how to use Linii Bag to repel dustmites on bed.

Linii Bag relies on the natural Huon Pine smell to repel dustmites, so just place them directly underneath the sheets according to the location of the stars stared in the figure.

If you are using protector,then put on top of protector and under the bed sheet. With Linii Bag on bed, dustmites wouldn’t dare to come near your bed and could provide you with 18 months of protection. As different beds have different sizes, so you will need different quantity to provide enough smell to cover the whole bed. If the bed area is larger, then you need more Linii Bag.

Note: Please use appropriate Linii Bag quantity according to recommendation, for example, fault if use of a baby bed package on a single bed, or a single bed package on a double bed, which is ineffective.

The best way to use the bed is to:

First, wipe the surface of the mattress clean with a damp cloth (not wet) to clean the exising dead dustmites and droppings.

Then put Linii Bag on mattress according to Placing Figure and cover with bed sheet, then spray the Linii Mist on the pillows and the bed sheet to enhance the effect.

To get the perfect result out from Linii Tasmania, use Linii Bag and Linii Mist together.

In order to use Linii Bag on bed, you need to repack them.

You need to prepare a small bag (ventilated) or use the small jute bags that come with the package, open the plastic bag then repack the 70g of Linii Bag into two small bags, 35g/35g, discard the plastic bag.

Baby bed package = 2 x Linii Bag repack into 4 x small bags.

Single bed package= 3 x Linii Bag repack into 6 x small bags.

Double bed package= 5 x Linii Bag repack into 10 x small bags.

Place the repacked Linii small bags according to the stars location.

As those bags can be flattened, so it won’t be too bumpy or hinder sleep.

The difference in quantity is due to the fact that double bed have larger surface area to cover, so higher quantity of Linii Bag is needed.

Linii Bag is unique: it seen to be living – as it knows how to breathe, when the surrounding air is too humid, it will absorb the moisture and become moist; when too dry, it will make themselves dry too, it will keep changing by follow the constantly changing and repeating climate.

When Linii Bag is dry, the Huon Pine smell emission rate is reduced. You can refer to Comparison Figure, when Huon Pine appear to be light brown, it is time to add some water for Linii!

The frequency of adding water is vary for every family. So you can check it once every 7 days.

You don’t need to add water for the first time after repacking,you can use it directly.

Linii Bag give the best result when it is in dark brown color and remian little moisture as shown below .

Reminder: When you add water, just put 2-3 tablespoons of water, it is mean to make it moist, Do Not flush directly under the water tap.

After add and mix with water, hang it to allow the excess water to drip out. Once no excess water dropping, replace them on bed again.

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